Geert J. Verhoeven

PhD Archaeology

University of Vienna

Franz-Klein-Gasse 1
Room A5.04 (5th floor)
1190 Vienna


This page will list some of the academic projects I have collaborated in. When working in a research institute, it is not always easy to distinguish between "just another case-study" and a dedicated project with a solid research plan. That is why many of my publications are not tied to specific projects.

Every single project listed below will bring you to a dedicated project page with relevant links, a fact sheet containing core information, a project summary, and related publications. Since I led project INDIGO,  it is the only project which contains all necessary information. Most other projects still lack some basic project details.


IN-ventory and DI-sseminate G-raffiti along the d-O-naukanal

Digital Documentation of Minoan Akrotiri

The digital documentation of the excavated site of Akrotiri and the geophysical prospection of its surroundings

The Potenza Valley Survey

The PVS investigated the settlement history of the Potenza valley in central Adriatic Italy, mainly form 1000 BCE to 1000 CE

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